Back to the Keyboard.

By Norman Seeley Jr. | October 22, 2015

Here it is almost the end of another month and Normradio is off in a different direction.  I was a broadcaster for most of my life working as a DJ and Newsman both on radio and in television.  Normradio has  talked about some of the events that happened over the years and people that I interviewed.  It was interesting, exciting along the way.

Starting in the next few days I’m going to take Normradio into the world of Amateur Radio as well as other radio bands out there from my point of view.  I think I have some interesting views on the world of radio, you might think that I’m right on the money.  Then again you might think I’m all wet.

You’re just going to have to tune in to Normradio next time to find out.



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Temp going up

By Norman Seeley Jr. | June 8, 2015

I cant believe that I took another walk this morning with the temperature already in the 80s at 8 AM.

I’m one of those guys who believes in using AC and not being outdoors.  Although I have to admit I do enjoy being our in our backyard during the winter months and reading out loud with my wife.

Even though it was hot this morning, taking a walk has it benefits!

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Didn’t take a walk.

By Norman Seeley Jr. | June 7, 2015

Have to admit that yesterday I didn’t take my walk.  It’s a long story and sitting where you are you most likely would think I just came up with an flimsy excuse.

With church not starting until 11:45, and with the new trend here in our household of getting up an hour earlier, I think I can work in a walk today.

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By Norman Seeley Jr. | June 2, 2015

We got up early this morning to take advantage of the lower temperatures.  I took a walk, the firs one in I have no idea how long ago.

Walked down to the corner and back.  That doesn’t seem like a lot but for me it was a good walk and I could feel the improvement from just doing that.  Can you imagine how I’m going to feel if I take a walk each morning shortly after Seven.

Stay Tuned for my next post.

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Here I am.

By Norman Seeley Jr. | June 1, 2015

Considering how long it has been since I sat down to my computer to type out a Post, I would not be at all surprised that you were under the impression that either I was no longer here on earth or had given up.

Neither are true.  I’m still here and I have not given up on my blog.  Just need to take the time and take the time to wright something down about the many things and people who are in my life.  So as we start a new month, watch for a new post from me here at Norm Radio.

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Never Rains in Phoenix

By Norman Seeley Jr. | March 3, 2015

Back in the late 50s when I fist came to Phoenix, there was a light rain as the plane I was in landed at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport.  Leaving the plane the attendant told us ” It never rains in Phoenix” . ” Just a little liquid Sunshine.

Well that’s what we have had toe last couple of days, some Liquid Sunshine

Here in Scottsdale, some came down but caused little or no damage.  Just watered our plants.  That’s no true for other parts of the Valley of the Sun,  where it was enough to cause flooding.

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Look what’s on My mind!

By Norman Seeley Jr. | February 22, 2015

2015-02-10 12.42.42

A burger from the other day.  It’s on my mind this morning.  Maybe after church we can go and have another.

That sounds good.

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Add Another.

By Norman Seeley Jr. | December 23, 2014

As the holiday approaches it seems my days aren’t what I want them to be and even though there are things I want to do, other things get in the way.  So adding a second post has been put off several times.  And being that this is a new computer, all the pictures are on the old one and I’m just lucky if I learn how to type on this one. Give me a few years, I’ll get the hang of it.

Just keep watching, one of these days I might surprise you with what I do here.

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New Home

By Norman Seeley Jr. | December 16, 2014

NormRadio has a new home starting today.  Well it’s not that big a deal, just a new computer where it will be written.

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